Meet your worst fears in the first of it's kind HORROR HOUSE in Bulgaria.

Is it true? What will prevail? Fear or curiosity? Would you dare to set foot?


Under the streets of the capital city there are more than 240 kilometers of dark dungeons. Bomb shelters, bunkers, tunnels used for logistics, warehouses and secret laboratories that hide the mysteries of Sofia.

Some of theme were used as bomb shelters, others for logistics, bunkers, warehouses and secret laboratories. Now the government sustains just a few of them and many are abandoned or buried. And when it comes to them, everyone is silent...

Recently, in an old military apartment building in the center of Sofia, under the foundations of which the legend says that there is a laboratory for biological experiments with people from the dawn of socialism, something terrible happened. A group of adventurers disappeared, no traces were found, except for an open old ventilation shaft.

What had happened? Rumors speak of mutated creatures - the result of experiments conducted in the laboratory, that were later released!

Deep in the catacombs below Sofia grows an unknown, distinct life… Which will prevail, the fear or the curiosity?

Would you dare to step inside?


Get to know the underworld of Sofia

Buried laboratory for biological experiments with humans and animals from the dawn of socialism

Meet the worst fears and phobias known to man

Choice of difficulty

Fear in a controlled environment stimulates the immune system

Stimulates strong and unknown feelings...

*Not for the faint hearted, mentally unstable or epileptic

*Елате в удобно облекло! (Рокли, високи токчета, костюми и дрехи в бели цветове, не са препоръчителни.)

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Difficulty level


190 BGN

For 5-person group


240 BGN

For 5-person group

If you have interest in team building or pranking a friend call the official phone of HORROR HOUSE – +359 888 658 008.


Sofia, Bacho Kiro street №5

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