General terms of use of the website and games provided by HORROR HOUSE Ltd.



1.1 Уебсайтът http://www.horrorhouse.bg и сайтовете, намиращи се на негови поддомейни, наричани по-долу САЙТА, са собственост на „ХОРЪР ХАУС“ ЕООД и се управляват от същите. Компанията си запазва правото да изменя Общите условия за ползване и съдържанието на САЙТА по свое усмотрение и по всяко време без предварително известие.


1.2 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. organizes games under the Horror House brand.


1.3 The trademarks and logos displayed on the WEBSITE are the property of HORROR HOUSE Ltd. Their use is not permitted without written permission from HORROR HOUSE Ltd and it is assumed that any such use may constitute a violation of the rights of the owner.


1.4 The General Terms of Use apply to all visitors of the SITE and must be read carefully before use.


1.5 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. makes every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the SITE.


1.6 THE SITE is for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, license, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information obtained from this site.


1.7 You are not permitted to link or use any part of the SITE for the purpose of fraud, illegal activity, defamation, harm or insult to others.


1.8 THE SITE may contain hyperlinks to other sites. The management of these sites is beyond the control of HORROR HOUSE Ltd and you use them at your own risk.


1.9 HORROR HOUSE Ltd is not responsible for the consequences, incl. any damages caused by or related in any way to the access, use or inability to use the SITE.



2.1 Every purchase of a game organized by HORROR HOUSE Ltd is valid only when it is processed by them.


2.2 Games may not be transferred or resold for commercial purposes without the written consent of HORROR HOUSE Ltd. If the game is transferred or resold in violation of this condition, the holder of the game or the person claiming the right to attend the event will be denied access to the game.


2.3 You are solely responsible for the correct entry of your data in the booking form. By completing the game reservation procedure, you guarantee HORROR HOUSE Ltd the authenticity of all provided data.


2.4 You will receive a confirmation of your reservation only by e-mail at the address provided when making the reservation. HORROR HOUSE Ltd. does not send a confirmation by mail, phone or text message (SMS).


2.5 Reservations through the online system of the SITE can be made up to 90 days after the date of creation of the reservation. Exceptions can be made only at the discretion of HORROR HOUSE Ltd.


2.6 The reservation is confirmed after payment of the deposit or entering the code of a valid voucher for the game within a period that will be notified when creating the reservation, unless otherwise agreed in writing with a representative of "HORROR HOUSE" Ltd.


2.7 „ХОРЪР ХАУС“ ЕООД не носи отговорност за данни свързани с платежни инструменти. Тези данни се въвеждат в системите, управляващи плащания, използвани от „ХОРЪР ХАУС“ ЕООД. Конфиденциалността на тези данни е гарантирана от утвърдени технологии за осъществяване на интернет плащания, имплементирани от тези системи за интернет плащания.


2.8 The deposit, which is paid when booking the game, is not refundable if the reservation is canceled, as well as if the group does not show up at the time of the game.


2.9 The reservation is canceled and access to the game will be denied if the team is more than 15 minutes late. In this situation, the amount paid is not refundable and cannot be transferred to another reservation.


2.10 Information about the price of the game and the methods of payment can be found on the SITE in the "Reservations" section.



3.1 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. offers the opportunity to purchase game vouchers, in which the value of the entire game is prepaid for the respective number of players.


3.2 Each voucher issued by HORROR HOUSE Ltd has a unique identification code on the right side of the voucher.


3.3 Each voucher is valid for a certain number of players and for a certain period of validity, written on the voucher.


3.4 A voucher issued by HORROR HOUSE Ltd can be used to pay for a game reservation organized by HORROR HOUSE Ltd during the validity period of the voucher.


3.5 The payment of a reservation for a game with a voucher is made when creating a reservation on the SITE, as the unique code of the voucher is entered in the appropriate field.


3.6 The voucher cannot be re-used in case of cancellation of a reservation paid with it, as well as in case of non-appearance of the players at the time of the game.



4.1 In the process of creating a reservation, you voluntarily provide HORROR HOUSE Ltd with your personal data (e-mail address, telephone number and names) in order to inform you about events related to your reservation.


4.2 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. may use your personal data in order to inform you about offers or promotions related to the products and services offered.


4.3 HORROR HOUSE Ltd is a personal data administrator within the meaning of the Bulgarian legislation.


4.4 HORROR HOUSE Ltd may provide your personal data to third parties for the purposes described in point 4.2.


4.5 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. stores your personal data in accordance with the requirements of Bulgarian legislation and established standards for Internet security.


4.6 HORROR HOUSE Ltd will delete all personal data collected when booking a game at the written request of the owner, when this data is no longer needed for communication related to the reservation.



5.1 Each player will be instructed before the game and will have to sign a declaration that he will follow the rules of the Room.


5.2 After being informed about the rules of the game, everyone participates at their own risk.


5.3 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. is not personally or materially liable for damages caused to participants by improper use of the game or non-compliance with the rules.


5.4 HORROR HOUSE Ltd is not responsible for the personal belongings of the participants during the game.


5.5 Due to the nature of the game, no photos or recordings (audio and video) are allowed on the territory of the Room and the adjacent areas.


5.6 Visitors undertake not to disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly.


5.7 The puzzles, riddles and the interior of the playrooms are under the copyright of HORROR HOUSE Ltd.


5.8 People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the Room and their reservation will be considered canceled due to no-show.


5.9 It is not allowed to import drinks and food in the sites of HORROR HOUSE Ltd.


5.10 In order to be admitted to the game, you must provide the full name of the person who made the reservation and you may be asked to confirm his or her telephone number or email address. You also need to bring a document certifying the payment (payment note or voucher).


5.11. People bellow 16 years cannot participate in games organized by "Horror House" Ltd.


5.12 HORROR HOUSE Ltd has the right to make financial claims against the visitors of the Room for intentionally caused damages or those resulting from the improper use of elements of the game.


5.13 HORROR HOUSE Ltd. recommends that participants in the game wear comfortable clothes.


5.14 While you are on the premises of HORROR HOUSE Ltd. you must maintain appropriate standards of conduct and cooperate with our employees, who also have responsibilities for security.


5.15 HORROR HOUSE Ltd does not tolerate any kind of disrespectful treatment or harassment towards its employees.


5.16 During the game, players are under video and audio surveillance in order to ensure the security and safety of the game, as well as for purposes related to the nature of the game.


5.17 With the verbal consent of the players, an employee of HORROR HOUSE Ltd may photograph, videotape or record them on audio recording. These materials are the property of HORROR HOUSE Ltd and may be used for advertising and promotional purposes at the discretion of HORROR HOUSE Ltd.